Would you wear a thigh-high cut dress? Part IV

Some time ago we published a post containing an article about and a gallery with images of women wearing thigh-high cut dresses 


Today encountered some images of the sexy singer-songwriter  Pixie Lott  (born Victoria Louise Lott) wearing a crotch baring thigh high cut dress at the 38th Britt Awards at the O2 Arena on February 21st 2018… Continue reading “Would you wear a thigh-high cut dress? Part IV”

Lipss AndGirls

Depicted as most sensuous, girls and their lips in all form and sizes.
When talking about the appearance of girls most men will not even mention, them… but they are one of the most attractive features of a woman.

Then, of course, there is the other not so prominent and visible as the lips on their faces…… Yes, these have very attractive, sensuous and even sexual appeal, but these are not the ones we will show in this gallery….. perhaps later elsewhere ….

What would either of these beauties do to you, without their gorgeous lips? Continue reading “Lipss AndGirls”